Best Toys for Baby Bath

Bath time can be a great bonding opportunity for you and your baby. Toys help to keep the fun going after they get out of the tub since most toys are safe only when used near water. Toys for the bath can have several purposes, such as water play, sensory exploration, and entertainment. Here are some of the best bath toys for your baby.

Aqua Doodle

The Aqua Doodle is a great toy for getting your baby involved in her bath. It floats on the surface of the water and allows her to write or draw with the special pen provided by using it as a dip-pen or filling in bubbles created by blowing through a straw. The tub drawing tablet can be used safely with warm soap and water, alcohol, or diluted bleach solutions if it becomes dirty from all of your child’s creative drawings.

Toy Bath Brush

A toy bath brush is another way you can get creative while taking care of your baby at the same time. With this sturdy rubber short handle brush attached to a soft sponge mitt, you scrub and wash simultaneously so he’ll stay clean longer and have more fun doing it. The short handle is perfect for your little one to hold onto with wet hands and the soft sponge mitt makes it easy on his sensitive skin.

Toy Bath Books

Bath books are a fun way to keep your baby entertained during bath time. They float so he can look at them while paddling around in the tub, but they’re just as entertaining if you prop them up on the edge of the bath or situate them near his kicking legs while sitting down. Most bath books have pages that are made out of plastic so water won’t seep through as much when he splashes around and gets them wet.

Sensory Toys

Little scoopers are great sensory toys for babies who like feeling textures under their fingers. They come in bright colors with little suction cups on the ends so they will stick to the tub or a mirror above the sink or shower when it gets wet. When he’s finished playing with them, suction them to the side of his bath toy chest and let him play with them again another day.

Baby Bag Toys

If your baby likes to kick around toys while soaking away his day or if he has an interest in what you’re doing in the bathroom but just can’t reach enough from the tub, then grab some bag toys for him. Bath toys that hang over the edge of a towel are great for keeping him entertained as well as allowing him to indulge in one of his favorite pastimes: kicking things!

Wrapping Up

Bath toys can really make bath time so much fun. They keep your baby busy while you wash him and they give him something to do after he’s all clean. The best toys are also made of mildew-resistant material and they should be easy to clean.