Selling Your Home Tips – Which Home Repairs to Make Before Selling?

There is no question that making some repairs to your home before selling it allows you to put your home on the market for a higher price. But which ones are the most profitable? The answer depends on a lot of things, such as location, how many other homes are up for sale, the time of year, and how the housing market is doing. The repairs that will generally bring you the most profit and ease of sale are listed here for you.

Refinish Walls and Ceilings

People interested in buying your house will be inspecting the ceilings for signs of a leaky roof, but in the meantime, you don’t want them to see any grease or smoke stains either. The same goes for ceiling cracks. You also don’t want crayon marks, grease prints, and other minor flaws on your walls to take the attention away from your beautiful home.

It is also a good idea to get rid of any texture you may have on your ceilings. Older versions may contain asbestos, newer versions are a pain to remove, and may not fit your buyer’s vision of what they want.

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Fix the Floors

Hardwood floors are what buyers really want. They look great and are easy to clean. Area rugs can be put on them to reflect the personal style, while still showing the beauty of the wood. If you have carpeting, check underneath them. You never know you could have hardwood floors and not know it.

If you have carpets, get them shampooed to remove any odors. If they are stained or a dark color, replace them with something lighter and more neutral.

Replace any ceramic tiles that may be cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged. If the floor is linoleum, try to replace it if it looks old or dated.

In the Bathrooms

Doing a few simple things in the bathrooms in your home can give you a very big return on your investment. Replacing the floors, lights, and fixtures can really pay off.

The Kitchen

Kitchen repairs can be the most expensive. However, if your cabinets look beat-up and out of date, your home may not sell as fast, if at all. If you do have to replace cabinets and/or appliances go mid-range. Minor repairs and replacements actually have a higher investment return than the high-scale variety.

If your cabinets are still in solid shape but look kind of run-down, look into resurfacing them or putting a fresh coat of paint on.

Replace the hardware in the kitchen. Faucets handle, and knobs can all go a long way into making your kitchen look newer. If your sink is stained or leaky, replace that as well.


Do not forget about the outside of the home. The roof is perhaps one of the largest factors your potential buyers will be inspecting. If you need a new one, replace it. Your home will not sell with a leaky or otherwise damaged roof.

Resurface the driveway, plant some flowers, change the locks and the doorknobs, and make sure your fence is in good repair and painted. All of these things will go a long way in improving the exterior of your home.

Ready to Sell

What home buyers really want is a home that is in good repair and needs little to no work when they move in. They want to be able to decorate it according to their own personal style when they move in, not after removing your personal style. A few simple repairs and replacements should be all you really need to improve the value and selling time of your home.

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