How to Diagnose a Brake Problem

Usually when you have an issue with the, when it comes to disc brakes for your drum brakes, basically any kind of break systems, you’ll have what they call a pool. Now when you hit the brake pedal left or right, or you have a vibration when you come to a stop, but we’re gonna focus today on the pooling aspect of it. Now a real simple way of determining which products and which side you have a problem with is if it’s pulling left and chances are 90 times, 90% of time you’re going to have a problem with the right side, either not working or being obstructed somehow over there. Or if it’s pulling to the right, chances are you’ve got a problem with the left because that’s the side that’s breaking and that’s why it’s going to pull you that way. Now, the most common problem when you have an issue with, either break sticking on one side or not working at all is the hose right here. Now when these hoses collapsed, what happens is you’ll push fluid down through them and it activates the, the brake Caliper, and it collapses shut then. And the pressure stays here. So the brake caliper, when you’re going down the road, is constantly applying pressure. So the easiest way to get around that, it’s just replaced the brake hose. Now when you’ve got another issue of, your brake pads, you’re coming down a hill bouncing that’s normally due to the road surface not being completely smooth. It actually, if you look at it with a micrometer, it’ll be a little wavy. So when you put brake pads, brake pressure on that pedal up there, and you’d come to stop. What’s happening is the piston in here is going like the, and that’s what’s giving you your pulsation coming down through. And I hope that’ll clear up for any kind of a diagnostic questions. You have one, what goes wrong with breaks.

How to Perform a Monthly Checkup on Your Car

Good afternoon. My name is Tom Burns and off certified master mechanic from Redding, Pennsylvania and was going to talk about how to form my monthly checkup on your car. The biggest thing that you want to do on a routine basis is to make sure all your fluid levels are up to where they need to be. Your engine, your transmission, your brake fluid, your radiator fluid, your antifreeze, um, your washer fluid. Um, and the other thing you want to check is your, your tire pressure. Um, it’s really simple. Um, make sure your engine’s off. Pull your dipstick out and make sure you’re up. You’re up to your full mark, which is right there. If it’s a little low, you might want to put yourself a little oil in there. And that goes right in the top. Your mother, usually you’ll see a little oil cap just like that.

And that’s what you want to put your oil in. As for your transmission fluid, you’ll want to start the car up, make sure it’s nice and hot and watch your fan blades, me sticking your hand in here. But while it’s you on it, you know, pull your dipstick out here. I remember it’s got to be nice and warm and it’s the same thing as you will dip stick, you’ll have marks on it and just make sure it’s all the way up to your in your hot range of cold range here and a hot range here is all more by little holes and usually stamp cold hot. Make sure that’s where it needs to be. Your thing is your washer fluid over there, you know, pull the cap off, make sure that’s full. You’ll have marks on your, your master cylinder over here and you can see it from where you at right here on that on the side you’ll have a minimum-maximum mark.

Just make sure it’s somewhere in between that range. Um, you overflow bottle for your ratty it or make sure that that again too is marked on the side, your ad and your full mark. Just make sure that’s up to your full mark. Um, if, if that’s low, you might wanna check your audio here first. Take your cap off, fill this up, then fill you’re you overflow bottle up. If it is low, you might want to start looking around for a radiator leak or whatnot. But the other things, your air filter, you know, take that out. Take good, look at the underside, make sure it’s not dirty. And as for your tires down here, just make sure you got the proper air pressure in them. And that’s basically all you need to to look over for your, for your monthly, when your monthly checkup.

How to Lower Car Emissions & Pass Inspection

Have in your car emissions test. It is a normal procedure today typically on an annual or biannual basis. Um, certainly it’s something that causes people a lot of concern and, and, and having their vehicle pass emissions. And so the advice that we could give as far as getting a vehicle to pass emissions is that you know, first off we have to have a vehicle that’s running well. So taking care of maintenance items such as tuneup components like spark plugs, ignition wires and filters such as air filters and fuel filters and PCV valve is all an important part of that. Assuming that that’s okay and we have a good running vehicle and the check engine light is not on, then other possible reasons for failing emissions can have to do with things that are degraded and not necessarily bad. Uh, for instance, fuel injectors, as time goes on, become a little bit clogged and their spray pattern instead of putting out a mist will tend to put out a simple single stream of fuel, which doesn’t burn as well as, uh, the midst does other components that can become degraded over time.

Our oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. In my opinion, these two components probably have the worst job in the entire automobile because they have to live in the exhaust and have a tendency to become coated with carbon. As time goes past the oxygen sensors, a sensor element is inside of this thimble and as it becomes coated with carbon, it’s signal can be delayed. Um, because of that, a catalytic converter whose job is to oxidize, um, basically on burn fuel or partially burned fuel and also to reduce oxides of nitrogen shares the same malady. Um, it can degrade its operation, it could work not quite as well for reasons of carbon coding the actual catalyst material itself. And so that’s where, um, some components like having your fuel injection system cleaned or for that matter, using products that can clean out, uh, the system, um, can actually go through the cylinders, through the fuel injectors, cleaning out the nozzle of the fuel injector, actually helping to reduce the carbon build up inside of the catalytic converter and the carbon build up on the oxygen sensor. We’re restoring these things too close to their original operating condition and helping you to maintain low emissions, which should help you pass the test.

Auto Mobile Repair Tips

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