How to Perform a Monthly Checkup on Your Car

Good afternoon, my name is Tom Burns and I’m a certified master mechanic from Redding, Pennsylvania. My topic today is how to perform a monthly checkup on your car. The biggest thing that you want to do on a routine basis is to make sure all your fluid levels are up to where they need to be. Your engine, your transmission, your brake fluid, your radiator fluid, your antifreeze, and your washer fluid. The other thing you want to check is your tire pressure. It’s really simple. First, make sure your engine’s off. Pull your dipstick out and make sure you’re up. You’re up to your full mark, which is right there. If it’s a little low, you might want to put yourself a little oil in there.

And that’s what you want to put your oil in. As for your transmission fluid, you’ll want to start the car up, make sure it’s nice and hot and watch your fan blades, me sticking your hand in here. But while it’s you on it, you know, pull your dipstick out here. I remember it’s got to be nice and warm and it’s the same thing as you will dip stick, you’ll have marks on it and just make sure it’s all the way up to your in your hot range of cold range here and a hot range here is all more by little holes and usually stamp cold hot. Make sure that’s where it needs to be. Your thing is your washer fluid over there, you know, pull the cap off, make sure that’s full. You’ll have marks on your, your master cylinder over here and you can see it from where you at right here on that on the side you’ll have a minimum-maximum mark.

Just make sure it’s somewhere in between that range. Take your cap off, fill this up, then fill you’re you overflow bottle up. If it is low, you might want to start looking around for a radiator leak or whatnot. The other things, your air filter, take that out. Take good, look at the underside, make sure it’s not dirty. And as for your tires down here, just make sure you got the proper air pressure in them. That’s basically all you need to look over for your monthly checkup. Give us a call at  Tampa’s Best Mobile Mechanic for more info.